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  • Writing a long and substantial book is like having a friend and companion at your side, to whom you can always turn for comfort and amusement, and whose society becomes more attractive as a new and widening field of interest is lighted in the mind.

    - Winston Churchill



        Horrible things aren’t supposed to happen in wholesome, sleepy little country towns. It is the sworn duty of Deputy Daniel Wood to look closely into such matters. The little farm town of Bole has no police force, and the local sheriff station has a front porch with a swing and a soft drink vending machine. Two men have disappeared recently, their ultimate fate a mystery until one of their bodies turns up horribly mutilated. Now a third man has disappeared.

        All towns have secrets; but the ghastly history hidden away in this tight knit little town has now begun to erupt into what might be murder. Deputy Wood is newly promoted to detective, and is proud of the trust and respect that title implies.  Swallowing a bit of that pride, he turns to his old mentor and friend Joe Gwyn. Joe trained him, and got him through his first year on the force; but now Deputy Wood must convince Joe to take his former trainee seriously as a detective and as a superior officer.

        When the horror of the past begins to reveal itself to him, and he comes to understand the events of the present, Deputy Wood must decide if these are the acts of an avenging angel, or a dark hatred from long ago better left un-roused. He must confront his own ideas about right and wrong, good and bad, and decide what kind of man he really is.

        Redemption is a dark mystery of approximately 62,000 words.



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The Darkwood Tales

        An epic tale in classic style, of great heroes, valiant quests, nefarious knaves, and the seemingly ordinary people who discover  themselves suddenly drawn into great conflicts.

        It is a period after many great empires  have fallen, and of the dark age Europe that might one day organize itself to be the strength to replace them.

        Yet first, humanity must deal with a far older and greater power, which even millennia after its fall might help raise men to greatness, or dash them to destruction. Humankind with its full shine and full tarnish, finds itself in the middle of powerful forces, like rabbits caught in a battlefield - a small force among titans.

        Yet the fate of nations, and even of humanity, may hinge on small things. Everything might just depend upon two children; one who grew into a prince who had never known the love of a mother long dead, and another who grew into a princess who had never known the love of a cold and calculating father who yet lived.

        It is a time of faith and magic - or is it simply science not yet understood? A great sage may have the answer, if his waning interest in life and in the future of his species can be rekindled.

        It is a time for stout hearts, while the hearts of men vary to a surprising degree. There are many with dark hearts, a few hearts with no sin, and seemingly some with no hearts at all.  


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The Last Case of Sherlock Holmes

Holmes is an old man who has passed into legend but has not yet passed on from life. While fighting the evils of a new century, he catches a glimpse of an ancient conspiracy to rule the world - or has it already succeeded?

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The Dogs of War

Men have been using dogs as trusted companions in farms, homes, and armies since the time the first dog approached the first human made fire. Sometimes a dog is more than a dog, and more than its human master.

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Works in Progress

The ogre (Thomas' story)

Collins of The Commonwealth

Earth's gentle Moon (Earth's welcoming Moon)

John and Mary (A love comedy)



The Nuclear Tourist (complete, but in need of revision)

Following in their boot steps (A pictorial guide to Lewis and Clark)

From Top to Bottom (A road trip down old Highway 41)